A room with a view in the heart of Berlin ...

In der "Berliner Luft"mit 21 Tonnen Gewicht 

In der "Berliner Luft"bei einer Ausladung von 50 m 

Februar 2023

Through the skies above Berlin the 81 K.1 makes an impressive entrance

... will soon be available to the residents of the new apartment building at Uhlandstrasse 107A and 112 in the German capital. Here, the real estate investment company Deutsche Investment Kapitalverwaltung AG is currently building two sustainable residential buildings with a modular timber construction containing a total of 70 housing units.

The general contractor responsible for the construction of the prefabricated modular apartments with 1 to 3 rooms is purelivin GmbH, a subsidiary of the company Kaufmann Bausysteme GmbH from the Austrian town of Reuthe. Mobile lifting equipment is permanently available for the assembly of the 150 individual modules, each weighing up to 16.5 t, on the construction site. When it comes to the requirements of the shuttering and reinforcement work on the site, which is located in an enclosed courtyard, the LIEBHERR 81 K.1 hire crane from WASEL Berlin ticks all the boxes.

But how can a construction crane weighing 21 t be transported into a courtyard that can’t be accessed by road? 

There was only one way in – through the skies above Berlin – parking on the road and lifting the crane over the roof of an adjacent terraced house. A 450 t mobile crane was brought in to fulfil this task, using a radius of 50 m to precisely and safely hoist the construction crane into its future location. 

“Our careful planning yet again resulted in success, and we punctually delivered the turnkey LIEBHERR 81 K.1 construction crane to the site manager from purelivin GmbH,” states Tamer Abada, Branch Manager of WASEL in Berlin, celebrating a job well done. 

81K.1 in the air of Berlin

A preview of the future residential buildings in Uhlandstrasse in Berlin.

© Deutsche Investment Kapitalverwaltung AG / expressiv
Residential building in Uhlandstraße Berlin

© Deutsche Investment Kapitalverwaltung AG

Residential building in Uhlandstraße Berlin
The current status of the construction site in the inner courtyard