Flat-Top-Cranes: the highlights

Fibre version

The EC-B cranes deliver even greater capacity if you use the Fibre versions. The core feature of the cranes with the new fibre rope is the low weight of rope and hook block, which directly affects the crane's lifting capacity. The unique features of fibre cranes also include a longer service life and easier maintenance and handling.

Load Plus

No hoist is too heavy for the new EC-B cranes. The Load-Plus function gives you up to 20% more lifting capacity at the touch of a button.

Jib extension 

During the revision of the EC-B series, particular focus was placed on the core of the crane - the slewing platform. Thanks to a weight-optimized design, it was possible to save up to one ton - depending on the type. In addition, both the cab and the control cabinet platform are fixed to the slewing platform with quick connectors so that they can be quickly erected and dismantled. The reduction is particularly advantageous when only smaller mobile cranes are available.

Tower Performance

The new EC-B cranes can of course be combined with the existing towers in our portfolio. The special feature of this is that they use the performance of the tower systems better than ever before. This means that for example, the 370 EC-B Fibre, can be used with the 21 HC 290 tower system without any restrictions - in other words you enjoy top economy with a conventional tower system which is already widely available on the market.

Brilliant transport & mounting solutions

Pracitcal jib stacking

The jibs for the new EC-B cranes have extremely small external dimensions. This means that three long jib sections can be stacked on the bed of a standard truck for transport. In other words, for example, the 370 EC-B Fibre can be transported using just four trucks. This reduces both CO2 emissions and transport costs.

Time-tested pickaback system

Transporting the counter-jib with the pickaback system is a time-tested transport option for existing EC-B cranes. Loading and unloading in one hoist helps to speed up the erection process and transporting the complete counter-jib on one truck shows that large cranes are now as compact as small ones.

Smart operating system

Litronic assistance systems

The demands on construction machinery and its operators are growing, especially for tower cranes. The control system on the new EC-B cranes feature the familiar Litronic assistance systems to help crane operators with their work whilst also increasing handling capacity, reliability and safety.

Comfortable workplace

LiCAB - the crane cabin for tower cranes

With a floor area of 2.35 square meters, the LiCAB has more space than any previous flat-top cabins. A well-designed, tidy interior design, the individually adjustable control stand and various other features make the cabin a second home.

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